Birth Positively Courses

Positive Birth Preparation

Lisa also offers ‘stand alone’ birth preparation for those wanting to feel confident and informed as they approach their birth without actually hiring a birth doula.

Birth Positively is contemporary antenatal eduction delivered in small groups. Lisa has teamed up with Lindsay Gale of MamaToto to bring you a course jammed full of all the essential information and tools for a positive birth.

See our website for details of course content, prices and how to book.

Birth preparation can also be delivered via Skype enabling Lisa to work with families overseas.

Birth Reflections Sessions

Debriefing and addressing issues from a previous birth experience can be helpful for both you and your partner and enable you to move towards your next birth with more confidence and positivity. If you have been left with questions unanswered, feelings not fully acknowledged or just need to be heard, Lisa can offer a 3 hour birth reflections session for you.

Lisa aims to help you feel informed, empowered and excited about giving birth.

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