About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a fully recognised Doula UK birth doula and trained with Nurturing Birth & Developing Doulas. I sat for 2 years as a founding co-chairperson of ‘Your MSLC’ – the Calderdale & Huddersfield Maternity Services Liaison Commitee and have undertaken various study days with notable figures in the birth and parenting world such as Ina May Gaskin, Gail Tully, Michel Odent, Amali Lokugamage, Naomi Stadlen and Oliver James. I am part of the Developing Doulas training team, assessing assignments of newly trained doulas across the UK and a doula mentor with Nurturing Birth. I hold the Swiss ‘Especial Extrait Casier Judiciaire’.

After working with the founders of the European Doula Network for just over a year, I have run the network for over 2 years, made up of 36 doula associations from 20 different countries.

I became a doula to care for and support women and their partners and family members at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Caring for others and advocating for the vulnerable is something that runs through my life in many ways.  I have used my skills to work in refugee camps with pregnant and new mothers fleeing oppression and war.  I want to help ALL women make informed choices and understand that they have the right to make decisions about their body and their baby. I believe birth is a sacred and deeply spiritual event and my aim is to help women look forward to their birth and labour, relishing their whole experience from start to finish.

Having had 3 children, 3 different experiences in 3 different settings (hospital induction, Birth Centre and home births) I have a broad range of personal experience. I know the emotions involved when you go past your due date and are induced. I understand how that feels physically and emotionally. I have had an assisted birth, an epidural and used pethadine and entinox. I have also used a birth pool, ‘Hypnobirthing’ and aromatherapy during labour. I know what it is to reflect on your birth and feel negatively about it. I know how it feels to be determined to have a different experience the next time and how it feels to doubt you can really achieve it. I want women to experience the overwhelming feelings of validation and empowerment that come with achieving the birth and labour you thought you could only dream of.

I have planned a home birth and I have helped others to understand that it’s a perfectly safe place to have a baby. Yet I also have a passionate belief that the most positive birthing experience is where the mother is at her most relaxed, at home, hospital or otherwise.  Professionally, I have supported births at home and in hospital, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) also at home and in hospital, inductions, Caesarean sections, unmediated births and births with epidural anesthetic.

Birth can be a time of mixed emotions for those closest to an expectant mother. I recognise the importance of offering support and help to partners during their own journey towards and beyond the start of this new and precious life.

Should you choose me as your doula, I will take time to get to know you and your family during our preparation sessions. It’s essential that we feel relaxed and at ease in each other’s company, so this will be some of the most important time we spend together. I will help you to document your ‘Birth Preferences’ if required and will be available for birth preparation and reassurance when ever you need it. I will answer questions and help you feel as supported, secure and relaxed as possible as you move towards your special day.

I will be on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 38 – 42 weeks. When your birthing day arrives I will be constantly available on the phone until you are ready for me to join you. Unfortunately the nature of a busy maternity system means that you and your birth partners may not have met the staff who attend you in labour let alone built a relationship that enables them to understand your hopes and wishes for your birth. Shift changes may compound this too. I will remain by your side, a familiar, trusted, continual, calm source of encouragement from the moment you call. I am also here to support fathers and any other birth partners. I will also provide them with practical support and help encourage them to participate with confidence at what ever level they feel comfortable. At times during labour emotions may be running high and I will remain calm and objective for you all. I do not give medical advice nor do I undertake examinations or perform any other clinical task and I cannot make decisions for you, however I will protect your birthing experience so that it remains an intimate and sacred moment for you both. I will only leave at your request, once your baby is here and you feel happy, settled and ready to start your new life together. If you are planning a home birth I will clear everything away, empty and clear away your birth pool, dress your bed with fresh linen, make drinks and snacks and generally ensure that all you and your family need to do is enjoy your new baby.

I am a Breastfeeding Mother Supporter with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and breast fed my youngest two children until their first birthdays. I formula fed my first child from 6 weeks so I can provide support on your chosen feeding method. I have used cloth nappies and can help provide information on baby wearing and baby led weaning. I always keep up to date with the latest information and developments in relation to pregnancy, birth and caring for babies and children. Being a doula is a natural extension of my love of learning. I never stop educating myself and I pride myself on my open view of the world.

I am incredibly proud of my reputation as one of the most well known and highly regarded doulas in the UK and I hope to build upon this as I begin working in Switzerland.  My clients and colleagues speak highly of me and are regularly booking to have subsequent babies with me as soon as they find out they’re pregnant again.  Most of my clients come from recommendations by other families who I have supported. Please take a look at some of the things my past clients have had to say about how I helped them.

If you are looking for someone to help you believe in your abilities, to help you achieve the best possible birth experience and realise your own potential as a woman, then I hope I can help.

Warm Wishes,


Courses & Further Study
Association of Breastfeding Mothers ‘Mother Supporter’ 2009
Nurturing Birth Birth & Postnatal Doula Training – October 2010
Sheffield Home Birth Conference – March 2011
Doula UK Recognised Birth Doula – April 2011
Community Midwives Conference – April 2011
Michel Odent Nurturing Birth Study Day – July 2011
Developing Doulas – Birth Doula Preparation – November 2011
Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Birth – November 2011
Doula UK Study Day – Breastfeeding & Postnatal Scenarios – January 2012
BabyCalm Teacher Training – May 2012
BabyCalm Conference – The Mother, The Father, The Baby, The Child – May 2012
Huddersfield University Perinatal Mental Health Study Day – November 2012
La Leche League – Northern Summer Workshop – June 2013
Supporting Women at Higher Risk of Infant Death – July 2013
Normal Birth Conference – University of Huddersfield – September 2013
Birthrights – Dignity in Childbirth Forum – October 2013
The Private Midwife Study Day for Doulas – November 2013
Practical skills to prevent and resolve malpresentation – January 2014
Swiss Doula Association General Assembly – Bern – March 2015
European Doula Network ‘Human Rights in Childbirth’- London – September 2015
Midwifery Today Conference ‘The Pillars of Midwifery’ – Germany – October 2015